Ailu Valle: 7



With the album “7”, Valle focuses on figuring out the root of what causes these contradictions in human existence – that is, what man as a whole is and how man as a whole manifests in the modern world. Valle takes a look at the level of human survival, the level of sexuality and emotion, the level of inner strength and self-confidence, the level of heart and love, the level of linguistic understanding and communication, the level of ego, dreams and intuition, and the level of understanding and relationship to their universe. Basically, the philosophy of the record is the philosophy of the human body.

  1. Varas varain máras – Tuorein voimin ihmisvirrassa (feat. Edorf)(produced Miyagi)
  2. Spirraliid – Lanteita (produced eLe)
  3. Sáhtán ja máhtán – Voin ja osaan (produced Juan Muteniac)
  4. Eŋgel – Enkeli (produced Tatu A)
  5. Sielu sávaldagat – Sielun toivomukset (produced Tatu A)
  6. Luonddu giella – Luonnon kieli (produced Tatu A)
  7. Luoitit luovus – Päästetään irti (feat. Ameeba) (produced Tatu A)
  8. Oppalaš ovttaskas – Kokonainen yksittäinen (feat. AMOC) (produced Tatu A)

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