Áilu Valle: Viidon Sieiddit



“Viidon sieiddit” album’s main theme is the connection with Nature amongst Sámi people in today’s world led by economic powers. The album was made as a part of the science and art collaboration project “The New Dimensions of the Sámi Relationship to Nature” (2016-2019). Album consist of 9 rap songs produced by Tatu A, Uyarakq, 169 and Tumma; and 11 soundscapes produced by Sámi-Canadian violinist and sound designer Raquel Rawn. The songs are built around nature samples recorded by Niilo Rasmus from Ohcejohka.

  1. Vuoiŋŋat
  2. Guovža Lea Lihkkan
  3. Njuvččat
  4. Girddašit, Seivvodit
  5. Ruovdemáđi
  6. Ancestors
  7. Čuoikkat
  8. Njama Njama
  9. Rievssat
  10. Menddo Ivdnái
  11. Moivi
  12. Aikaa
  13. Fanas
  14. Suga Suga
  15. Gahkkor
  16. Dássededdui
  17. Dollagáttis
  18. Mohtorgielká
  19. Viidon Sieiddit
  20. Itgo Don Fuobmá

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