Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda: Roijk



A central idea of the music of Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda is to have a dialogue of traditional and modern Saami culture. In the album “Roijk” tradition is explored form today’s point of view: How tradition lives in modern Saami life and what it means personally. The songs heard on Roijk are mainly compositions and these have been heard in the concerts of Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda since 2013. As a contrary to the first record Ulda with its intimate and acoustic sound, the music in Roijk is performed by a larger group of musicians. The name of the title song Roijk is a combination of Rock and Joik.

  1. Uldda niehku (Ulda’s dream).
  2. Ovdasas (Premonition).
  3. Ija seavdnjadasas (In the darkness of the night).
  4.  Giddariemut (Joy of spring).
  5. Ruossa eanan (Russian land).
  6. Girddan (Flying).
  7. Roijk (Rok yoik).
  8. Miessemearkumat (Reindeer calf marking).
  9. Skabmagahtat (Streets of polar night).
  10. Oarbbes duottarat (Orphan mountains).
  11. Dolos maidnasat (Old stories).

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