Terms and conditions

Cancellation and return

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact our customer service. The right to return is 14 days after the first delivery of your order. The product to be returned must be fully in condition to be sold again as a new. When returning the product, pick up the dispatch code for refund tracking.

After the product has been returned to our warehouse, we will refund the money within 14 days in Finland.

The customer is responsible for the costs of the return.

Shipping Options

We ship worldwide. In Finland the delivery time is usually 1-7 days depending on the product and delivery option. Deliveries abroad are case-specific, and you may ask an estimation for your delivery time from our customer service.

Shipping costs

No matter how many products you order, you only pay one delivery fee. The online shop system automatically calculates the shipping cost in Finland which you can see before making the final purchase decision. Deliveries and shipping costs abroad are case-specific. Shipping fee varies based on weight and shipping location. Heavy products cause a higher freight cost and shipping outside of EU will naturally be more expensive.

Returns – customer is responsible for all shipping associated costs.

Delivery time

The delivery time of the product depends on the product ordered, the possible access and additional services, and the address at which the product was ordered. Usually we ship the product within 1-7 days in Finland. Deliveries abroad are case-specific, and you may ask an estimation for your delivery time from our customer service.

UKSI Productions is not responsible for the delay in delivery or the loss of the order package caused by a third party mentioned in the contract of carriage or any other unpredictable or insurmountable Force Majeure. We will accept complaints about any missing item when 14 days have elapsed from delivery.

Your order confirmation

Once you have paid your order, you will receive an automatic order confirmation to email provided. UKSI Productions reserves the right to cancel the order if there is a problem with the availability of the product or payment of the order. In this case, UKSI Productions will immediately contact you directly. If, for some reason, you do not receive an automatic order confirmation within 12 hours of your order, please contact our customer service to verify that your order is properly accepted.

Your order

After ordering, you will receive an automatic order confirmation and a later delivery notice. You can track your order either with the package tracking code or by contacting our customer service.

The damage caused by transportation

If the customer finds that the product he has purchased is damaged immediately upon delivery, the customer must describe (photo) the damage and immediately contact our customer service by phone or email. The notice of transport damage must be made immediately or at the latest 3 days after the delivery.

If the product is defective or damaged during transport, we will ship the new product in Finland at no extra cost and as soon as possible. All parts of the return form must be filled in and the form must be attached to the damaged product so that it can not be lost during transportation.

Payment options

In our online store, you have the following payment options: credit cards as well as the Klarna invoice and payment. All order details and payment traffic are processed in an encrypted way.

We reserve the amount of the purchase invoice as soon as the order has been received. If the reservation is unsuccessful, the order will be suspended, and the cancellation will be notified to the customer.

We will charge the credit card payments immediately after confirming your order. We also charge prepay orders at the order confirmation stage. An email invoice will be sent to you when you pay your purchases via Klarna invoice.

VAT, taxes and other fees

UKSI Productions is based in Finland, therefore we operate under the EU e-commerce. Finnish VAT (24%) will automatically apply to products sold to any country within the EU. Orders with shipping addresses located outside of the EU will be deducted Finnish VAT. On all international orders, the recipient is responsible for payment of applicable duties, taxes, and other fees. Please contact your local customs office for information on duties and taxes.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) means data protection. SSL creates an encrypted and secure connection between your computer or mobile device and our server. Therefore, all data transfer is encrypted, and outsiders do not get your data in their hands. We do not save account or card information; this information will only be used with payment.

Privacy Policy

Personal information is used for UKSI Productions’s internal use, mainly for customer service and technical services in online shop. For additional information, read our Privacy Policy statement.


We reserve the right to cancel the order due to inaccuracy, such as a printing error, technical problem, or a bulk order.

Each of the announced promotional products can only be ordered for 1pc / customer. A “limited batch” or similarly marked product may only be ordered for 1pc / customer.

Force Majeure

UKSI Productions is not responsible for the delay in delivery or the loss of the order package caused by a third party mentioned in the contract of carriage or any other unforeseeable and insurmountable Force Majeure. If the order package does not reach you by the promised deadline, UKSI Productions will request a clarification from the carrier. The clarification takes about five days. The order can not be replaced or returned before the end of the clarification.


Products in the product pictures may differ from the offer or include products that are not part of the product. The technical details of all the products appear in our online store. Due to technical error, the return is also free of charge as a customer return and the return must be made within a reasonable time when the error has been detected or should have been detected. Customer must detect an error within a reasonable time. In a clear product or price error, UKSI Productions’s online store can invoke a mistake, for example if there was such an obvious mistake that the customer should have understood the existence of the error.

Warranty and Service

Our products are subject to the warranty terms and conditions of service granted by the manufacturer. If you need a service or a maintenance for your product, you may do it at our store.

All products purchased from UKSI Productions have a warranty granted by the manufacturer. The warranty provides a private customer with better rights defined by law. The warranty period and its coverage range from product to product. Responsibility is statutory and is defined for all products.

In addition

In case of any disagreement, we follow the recommendations of the Consumer Complaints Board and the law of Finland.

For more information, contact UKSI Productions customer service info@uksiproductions.com